Top Tips for Easy DIY Project Planning

Top Tips for Easy DIY Project Planning

Thanks to YouTube tutorials and other online resources, more homeowners are becoming DIY enthusiasts than ever before. Whether you’re repainting the bedrooms or replacing the bathroom sink, proper planning will make or break your project. Here’s how you can get the job done right.

1. List Your Projects

Most homeowners have several things they’d like to do to improve their home. Make a list of everything you want to get done, then organize projects based on factors like urgency, cost, and the amount of work required. This can help you figure out a schedule for completing the work.

2. Know What You Need

As part of planning each individual project, make sure you know exactly what you need to get the job done. Accounting for all necessary tools, materials, and safety equipment in advance will save you repeat visits to the hardware store. Be sure to check if you need HOA or city approval for big projects.

3. Set Your Budget

By understanding what tools and materials you need for each project, you can set an accurate budget for your DIY work. A complete understanding of the costs can help you decide whether you can get started now or if you need to save up more money before getting to work.

If you need help planning your next DIY project, be sure to check out Gerber Lumber’s Project Center. You’ll find detailed information to help you get everything you need to complete your project. Our dedicated team will be ready to help you from planning to delivery of materials so you can get off to a great start.