Creating an Awesome DIY Workshop

Creating an Awesome DIY Workshop

If you’re the kind of person who spends a lot of time working on DIY projects, few things could be better than having a reliable, dedicated space where you can do your work. While both garages and dedicated storage sheds can serve as quality workshops, what you put into them is what ultimately makes them an ideal DIY space. The following considerations are an absolute must.

Work Bench

Every workshop needs a good surface where you can work on projects at a comfortable height. Both wood and metal work benches are available to account for different types of projects. DIY enthusiasts should make sure the work bench has a surface area that is big enough for the types of projects they will be doing on a regular basis.

Lighting and Power

Commercial strip lighting and work lamps can help provide a dedicated light source to your workshop area. LED lights don’t produce heat, making them well suited for what is often a relatively unventilated environment. You should also make sure that there are adequate power outlets and cutoff switches near the work areas so you can safely power your equipment.

Storage and Cleanup

What do you do after you’ve finished a project? Storage cabinets, pegboards, and bins make it easy to organize tools and materials. Brooms and shop vacuums will help you keep your space clean so you can safely navigate the workshop after wrapping up a project.

At Gerber Lumber, you’ll find a wide range of materials to ensure that your next DIY project is a success. Expert recommendations from our industry professionals will help you make the right selection so you can start (and finish) any job with confidence.