Is It Worth Adding a Roof to Your Deck?

Is It Worth Adding a Roof to Your Deck?

Your home’s deck undoubtedly gets a lot of use when the weather is nice. But the weather isn’t always ideal for using your deck — and because of this, many homeowners choose to add a roof to their outdoor living area. Here’s what you should know.

Why Add a Roof to Your Deck?

Quite simply, adding a roof or pergola to your deck will allow you to get much more use out of this space. A roof provides coverage during rainy weather. When paired with side curtains, the roof can help block heat and excess sunlight for decks on the sunny side of the house. You could even install a fan in the ceiling to make the space even more comfortable on warm, humid days.

Adding a roof also gives you the option to screen in your deck, further enhancing privacy and keeping away pesky bugs.

Potential Considerations

The roof will need adequate supports extending from the deck. The deck itself may need to be structurally reinforced so it can support the added weight of the new roof. You will also need to pay close attention to building materials so that the deck’s roof matches the rest of your house. 

Because of these factors, adding a roof to an already-existing deck can be a bit pricey. Getting a quote for the materials and labor will help you budget appropriately for this addition.

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