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Product Line Highlight: ProVia Doors

Product Line Highlight: ProVia Doors

In 45 years, ProVia has established themselves as industry leaders in high-quality doors, windows, siding, and stone. Founded in 1977 in a small garage in Sugarcreek, Ohio, Bill Mullet has grown his company to a team of over 1,700+ people dedicated with a strong commitment to their customers. In realizing the significant value ProVia has to offer, and carrying their products, we’re doing a feature on the ProVia entry doors that we carry. 

Signet® Fiberglass Entry Doors

This product is an amazing energy-efficient door that is highly recognized for its accurate portrayal of real, authentic wood. While it delivers in aesthetics and customized design, it is important to note that most of the styles in this series tote an ENERGY-STAR® certification. From skin and stain all the way to door accessories and features, it is completely customizable to your liking!

If you’d like to learn more about the Signet® series of exterior doors, click here. 

Heritage™ Fiberglass Doors

Looking to save on your energy bills? This is the perfect place to start. These fiberglass entry doors have a hardwood edge that prevents heat warping and a polyurethane core that prevents heat energy transmission (prevents heat loss). 

Heritage fiberglass doors are pre-hung exterior doors that offer a wide variety of styles and options so that you may find an aesthetic door combination that fits your personality and expands your homes beauty! To learn more about the Heritage series, click here. 

Legacy™ Steel Entry Doors

Due to the many features and accessories this series has, it is classified as a professional-class door. If you’re looking for a door that is stylistic, energy-efficient, and durable, then this is the product for you! Even though it is a steel door, ProVia offers many options in a woodgrain texture. 

While increasing your curb appeal, you also get an ENERGY-STAR® certified door, mainly due to the insulating foam it contains! If you’d like to learn more about this series, please click here: Legacy™ Steel Doors.

No matter what door you are looking for (or anything lumber, and hardware related for that matter), you can bet that Gerber Lumber & Hardware has it! Explore all the products that we carry here.