How ProVia Endure Vinyl Windows Can Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency and Save You Money

How ProVia Endure Vinyl Windows Can Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency and Save You Money

If you’re shopping for replacement windows, you will definitely want to consider ProVia Endure Vinyl Windows from Gerber Lumber.  Let’s look at the benefits of this particular window and its energy efficiency.

Look at the Labels

ProVia manufactures their Endure Vinyl Windows with exceptional quality components so that they are not only beautiful and functional but also extremely energy efficient.  Endure has earned the Energy Star® certification which can be recognized by the blue Energy Star®

label.  When you see a blue label, you know you are getting the following benefits: 

  • You’re going to save money on your energy bills if you don’t already have Energy StarÒ
  • You’ll contribute to reducing the use of our natural resources.
  • Your home will be increasingly comfortable as you experience less drafts.
  • You will not have to worry about sun damage to your interior because less heat will be let in.

ProVia also retains certification from the National Fenestration Rating Council.  This non-profit organization rates the energy performance of windows and other products.  Each NFRC certified window will bear a label verifying this title.

Look at the Options

With ProVia Endure vinyl windows, you can also upgrade your window with specific features to make them even more energy efficient. These options include elite spacers to prevent heat loss and interior condensation, triple weather stripping to prevent any air infiltration, and foam insulation inside the frame.   When saving money is your goal, our energy efficient window options are the way to go. 

Let Gerber Lumber assist you in determining which components would help you achieve the energy efficiency you prefer.  Their friendly staff of window professionals is ready to help you purchase the replacement windows or new construction windows that meet your needs.