Choosing the Right Color and Paint Sheen From Valspar

Choosing the Right Color and Paint Sheen From Valspar

When working on a painting project, the right color and paint sheen can make all the difference in achieving a good-looking result. Gerber Lumber sells a wide range of high-quality paints from Valspar — but sometimes, having so many options can become overwhelming. The following guidelines can help you determine the right color and sheen for your work.

Making the Color Selection

First, some general guidelines: light tones and off-whites help rooms feel more spacious and inviting. Whites can help unite spaces with a clean look that reflects light. Darker colors provide a more dramatic feel. Bold colors are generally best for an accent wall, rather than the entire room.

The same paint shade can look different in different lighting. Paint color samples on the wall so you can see them in daylight, evening, or at other times to determine if it looks right. Remember that paint looks darker after it dries.

Understanding Paint Sheens

Different paint sheens are suitable for different areas. For example, a flat paint has no gloss, which makes it better for hiding surface imperfections and toning down bright colors. They are often used for ceilings, and in living rooms and bedrooms. Eggshell sheen is also a popular bedroom option, with minimal gloss and decent durability. Satin paints are more lustrous and offer better stain resistance, making them preferable for busy areas like kitchens and bathrooms.

Semi-gloss paints are also used in kitchens and bathrooms, as well as for trim and doors, since they have a shiny look and can withstand frequent cleaning. Gloss paints are shiny and durable, but aren’t good at hiding surface imperfections. They are typically used for cabinets, doors, shutters, and trim.

If you still aren’t certain which color and sheen would be best for your project, visit Gerber Lumber. Our experienced staff members can use their insight and knowledge to help you make the right Valspar paint selection to ensure stunning final results.