Everything You Need to Be Prepared for Winter

Everything You Need to Be Prepared for Winter

While the way your yard looks under a blanket of snow can be truly magical, there’s no denying that winter’s ice, snow, and freezing temperatures can cause some serious problems around the house. With the right equipment, however, you can be prepared for whatever Mother Nature throws your way.


Snow Removal

You may already have snow shovels and a snowblower for the driveway, but what about the roof? Heavy snow buildup can lead to ice dams that damage the shingles and gutters. A roof rake allows you to knock snow off the roof without needing to get onto the roof itself. Alternatively, you could install heating cables on the roof before snow arrives to speed up the melting process.


Protecting Your Pipes

Proper insulation is crucial for keeping pipes from freezing and potentially bursting. Make sure that all exposed pipes are insulated with heating cables or pipe wrap. These materials should be applied to outdoor pipes, as well as pipes in exposed areas that aren’t protected by household insulation (such as pipes in an attic or crawlspace)


Emergency Prep

A strong blizzard or ice storm could very easily leave you without power and heat. Your emergency prep should include warm clothes and blankets, food and water, and flashlights. You may also benefit from buying a generator, which can serve as a backup power source during an extended outage.


With the right tools, you can ensure that your property is truly ready for winter — and Gerber Lumber can help. Our friendly staff makes it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for, no matter what type of winter preparations you have planned. Stop by today to find what you need!