Why Winter is a Great Time to Install Interior Doors

Why Winter is a Great Time to Install Interior Doors

Winter can understandably seem like a poor time to install an exterior door. But it could be the perfect time to install new interior doors. Just like your exterior doors, interior doors may need to be replaced due to poor performance and quality, or simply wanting to update the appearance of your home. Here’s a closer look at why winter is a great time to do this project.

Lower Demand

In the fenestration industry, also known as the window and door industry, winter tends to be a quieter time. After all, people are less likely to want to replace exterior doors and windows during cold weather! This reduced demand means that contractors are more readily available to help install your interior doors. This could also make it easier to negotiate a lower price for your installation. Getting the job done faster and cheaper is always a win!

Make the Most of Your Indoor Time

The colder weather also means you and your family will be spending more time indoors. If outdated interior doors are creating issues, then it would be risk-averse to replace them sooner than later! By not waiting to install new interior doors, you can get more enjoyment and convenience out of your home during the time of year when you’ll be spending the most time there.

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