Maintenance Tips For Your Wooden Decks in the Winter

Maintenance Tips For Your Wooden Decks in the Winter

While you may not use your deck as much during the winter, this doesn’t mean you can ignore it entirely. The cold and snow can result in significant damage if you aren’t careful. Fortunately, by following some basic maintenance tips, you can keep your deck in top shape so it’s ready for you to use when warmer weather returns.


Keep It Clean

Piles of leaves or pine needles can lock in moisture when they are covered with snow. This can lead to wood rot and other issues. As such, you should be diligent about removing all debris from your deck’s surface. If you notice mold or mildew growth after removing snow or other debris, clean the surface with an anti-mildew solution.


Remove Snow Properly

When snow accumulates on your deck, be mindful of how you remove it. To avoid scratching the wood or wearing down the finish, scoop the snow in line with the grain of the wood. Use a plastic shovel — not metal. You should also avoid using salt to melt ice, as this can damage the deck’s finish.


Protect the Surface

There are a few options to consider to protect your deck from winter snow. If you won’t be using your deck at all, you could cover it with a plastic tarp. You should also reseal the wood surface every two to three years, as this provides an additional barrier against moisture.


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