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Five Star Crinkle Black Panel (408″)


Black 408″ Crinkle Panel. 18 High-gloss silicone protected colors that provide up to 70% reflection of the sun’s rays. Superior abrasion and scratch resistance. Minimizes chalking and fading by resisting the detrimental effects of the sun’s UV rays, rain humidity and

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This panel supports five major ribs with minor stiffener ribs added for improve rigidity and aesthetics. Because of the panel’s 38″ width and 36″ coverage, the Five Star Panel overlaps one rib of the preceding panel for a weather tight seal. One of the most important features of this seal is the Anti-Siphon Cavity in the purlin bearing rib. This prevents capillary action from transferring water to the underside of the panel. This is accomplished by breaking the surface tension that draws water between objects while providing a channel for the water to drain out.


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