Design & Drafting


Whether a Homeowner or Custom Home Builder, we can service you.

We walk a homeowner through the design process to achieve the final home design you were dreaming of.

We also work with many local and regional builders to provide prints to review with the homeowners and get material estimates.  With our experience, we make the design to be cost effective to build utilizing materials efficiently.





When it comes to additions, Gerber Lumber works with the homeowners or contractors to assess what is existing to create a seamless addition to your home.  When the unexpected comes up during construction, we provide our expertise in finding the solution.


Our designers are experienced in designing your outdoor living space to create a safe and functional deck.  Being part of a full-service lumberyard, our manufacturers keep us updated on the new product lines for decking, railings, and structural attachments so we can efficiently design the deck for your project.

Contact us today to schedule your initial design meeting!