Decades of Expertise: Meet the Experienced Staff Behind Gerber Lumber

Decades of Expertise: Meet the Experienced Staff Behind Gerber Lumber

When it comes to lumber, ensuring that you have high-quality materials to work with can make all the difference. At Gerber Lumber, we know that a big part of providing quality lumber depends on having an experienced staff who can contribute to the success of your projects. Serving Kidron, Ohio for over 120 years, our staff members draw on decades of experience to provide the help you need.


True Lumber Experts

Getting quality lumber for your project requires a lot of work. There’s a lot of knowledge and expertise that is used behind the scenes to ensure Gerber Lumber only offers the best lumber to area residents and contractors. Our forestry experts and lumber grading specialists use their knowledge of forestry practices and suppliers to make the best selections. This allows us to provide a wide range of lumber products, with confidence that they’ll be the right fit for your needs.


Always Ready to Help

Whenever you visit our store, you’ll find friendly, helpful staff who truly know what they’re talking about. Thanks to their rich experience, they can help you select the right materials for your job based on your budget, design preferences, and more. And we’re happy to share our knowledge with you. We’ll help you understand the pros and cons of different types of lumber and other materials so you can make the right selection for your project.


No matter what kind of project you have in mind, you can count on the experienced staff at Gerber Lumber to provide the help you need. From selecting the right type of lumber to getting materials delivered in a timely manner, you can count on our experts.