Commercial Contractors

Commercial contractors recognize that nearly every building they construct, at its most basic element, ultimately produces income – or facilitates such production.  At Gerber Lumber & Hardware, we too understand this and strive to provide quality products, efficient service, and timely delivery so that you can complete your project and your customer can quickly move into their new facility.

Commercial Contractors

At Gerber Lumber, we understand your business relies on consistent communication with industry professionals who understand your needs. You need accurate project quotes to bid jobs and win those jobs; and you need them quickly. That’s why as a Gerber Lumber contractor, you will be paired with a dedicated industry professional who will personally work to support your project from quote to delivery. 

The communication method that works best for you can be quite different when you’re in the office vs. out on a job site. To accommodate this, our team makes full use of today’s communication options to ensure we’re always available to address your questions and concerns. Whether you want to visit us in-person, make a phone call, submit a quote or order online, or even contact us via Facebook, we’re ready to help make your next project a success.

Your Reliable Supplier!

We understand material supply chains are vital to the success of your projects and your business. Gerber Lumber works tirelessly to ensure you have the materials you need to complete your project on time. Generations of contractors have depended on Gerber Lumber for top-quality products delivered to their job site on time. Discover the Gerber difference for yourself!

Prompt Service, Every Time

We know that for many contractors, the ability to start a job quickly can make all the difference in successfully bidding on a project. We value your time and business by providing prompt service at every stage. From responding to quote requests to ensuring a timely delivery of project materials, we do everything in our power to help you finish your projects on time and on budget so you can please your customers.

Product Recommendations From the Experts

While you undoubtedly have plenty of knowledge and experience yourself, it never hurts to get a second opinion. Our team can help you make an informed decision when choosing materials for your project based on your unique needs. Generations of contractors have come to trust our team to help them make the best selection for any project so they can deliver amazing results for their clients.

Taking the Stress Out of Drafting and Design

Turning a design idea into usable blueprints and 3D designs is essential for ensuring that your project goes smoothly. With accurate drafting and design, you can understand exactly what is needed for your project and ensure your team’s ability to get the job done right. Our drafting and design services allow you to get to work with confidence, saving time so you can focus on what you do best.

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