The Gerber Lumber Legacy: Nurturing Craftsmanship Through Experience

The Gerber Lumber Legacy: Nurturing Craftsmanship Through Experience

Gerber Lumber has built a legacy in the Kidron, Ohio area — one that has stood for generations. We’re proud of our rich heritage, not only for what it represents, but for what it still means to us today. Here’s how the Gerber Lumber legacy helps us nurture true craftsmanship and excellence.


A Rich History

Gerber Lumber traces its history to 1901, when E.P. Gerber opened a small sawmill to serve the needs of the Kidron, Ohio community. E.P. soon recognized that the growing community would benefit from a full-service hardware and lumber store, and expanded his business to fill that need.


E.P. Gerber established Gerber Lumber based on the principles of honesty, integrity, quality, and a sincere dedication to customer service. He believed in drawing on his own experience and knowledge to provide reliable, trustworthy service to the members of his community.


New Generations, Same Dedication

As Gerber Lumber was joined by second and third generations of the Gerber family, E.P.’s original vision remained a core focus. The knowledge and experience that started with one generation was passed on to new members of the company, along with the emphasis on being a resource that local DIYers and contractors could trust.


As new technology has come along, we’ve continued to grow in what we’re able to offer the community. Even with new resources like a full-service mill and woodworking shop, our focus remains the same: ensuring that we can provide the craftsmanship and knowledge to be a reliable resource for local residents.


By drawing from the generational transfer of skills, knowledge, and dedication to customer service, the current Gerber Lumber team is proud to continue our rich heritage. As we continue to build on the legacy of E.P. Gerber, we know we will be able to nurture true craftsmanship in our region.