From Timber to Trusted Lumber: How Expertise Makes a Difference at Gerber Lumber

From Timber to Trusted Lumber: How Expertise Makes a Difference at Gerber Lumber

Timber has long been an essential part of the construction industry — but have you ever wondered how it gets from the forest to become ready-to-use lumber? Here’s a closer look at the journey timber takes to become trusted lumber — and how Gerber Lumber’s expertise makes a difference.


Timber’s Journey

Nowadays, timber generally comes from carefully managed forests. Forestry workers use their knowledge to determine which trees should be cut and when based on their maturation and other factors. After trees are felled, logs are stored in a clearing so some of their water content can evaporate before getting transported to a processing site.


At the processing site, the trees are debarked, cut to the preferred length, and then sized into boards. During this process, the lumber is also graded based on the number of defects in the wood. The highest-graded lumber has fewer defects and is able to provide longer and larger pieces. After lumber has been made into boards and graded, it is seasoned to remove excess moisture and prepped for market.


The Gerber Lumber Difference

At Gerber Lumber, we understand that obtaining high-quality lumber is an absolute must for any job — particularly in construction. Our team draws on decades of industry experience and close relationships with lumber suppliers to obtain the best-quality lumber products for our customers. We carefully evaluate how suppliers harvest, treat, and process their lumber to ensure our lumber is sourced sustainably and is of the highest quality. With Gerber Lumber, you can have confidence that you’re getting lumber that will look and perform great.


Serving the Kidron, Ohio area for over 120 years, our team is dedicated to providing honest, reliable service and the highest-quality lumber available. No matter what you have in mind for your project, our experienced team will help you find the best lumber for your purposes. Visit us today to get started.