Why Professionals Trust Gerber Lumber: Building Relationships, Not Just Sales

Why Professionals Trust Gerber Lumber: Building Relationships, Not Just Sales

For contractors, few things are more important than having the right supplier. A quality supplier doesn’t just offer competitive prices. They serve as a trusted resource who you can rely on for useful information, on-time delivery, and more. That’s why at Gerber Lumber, we prioritize building lasting relationships with our local contractors.


Dedicated Sales Staff

One way we try to differentiate ourselves is by offering a dedicated sales staff who give you the one-on-one attention you deserve. Our industry professionals have a thorough understanding of contractor needs, and will work with you to get the right materials based on your budget, project requirements, and other needs. Whether you visit us in-person or call on the phone, you’ll get attentive care and reliable expertise.


From Quotes to Delivery: The Gerber Commitment

We know how important it is to get quotes quickly so you can submit bids, as well as how on-time materials delivery has a direct impact on your project timelines. Our commitment to you is to provide prompt, dependable results at every stage of the process. Our quoting system is fast and reliable, whether you request a quote online or visit us in-person. We work tirelessly to ensure you have what you need when you need it.


Flexible Payment and Financial Support

We know that managing cash flow is a top priority — and that cash flow concerns can make it hard to make a full upfront payment. To help with this, we offer Net 15 payment terms for a more flexible payment solution. Apply for credit with Gerber Lumber for flexible payment solutions that will help your bottom line.


At Gerber Lumber, we are committed to being more than “just” a supplier for your business. We strive to be a dedicated partner who you can rely on. Your success is our success! Contact us today to learn more!