The Evolution of Gerber Lumber: From Humble Beginnings to the Trusted Name for Generations

The Evolution of Gerber Lumber: From Humble Beginnings to the Trusted Name for Generations

At Gerber Lumber, we can proudly trace our heritage back to 1901, when E.P. Gerber started a small sawmill to serve the Kidron community. As the business expanded to include a small town hardware store and eventually a full-service mill and woodworking shop, we’ve worked to stay true to the same principles that E.P. Gerber valued.


The Importance of Consistent Communication

For contractors, few things can be more important than having a supplier who communicates well. Our team emphasizes clear communication at every step of the process, from quoting to product delivery, so you can have confidence that you’re getting the quality service you deserve.


Expert Product Advice

Our team is made up of industry experts who understand our products and how they can meet the needs of different projects. We are committed to offering quality advice for what you should use for your project based on your preferred budget, performance, aesthetics, and more.


Prompt Delivery & Outstanding Service

Timely delivery and reliable service can make all the difference in getting your project started right. Our dedication to customer service means we will provide support you can truly count on — even if you forgot to include something on your order.


The New Look & Lasting Heritage

A lot has changed in the world of lumber and hardware over the years — including our logo! While we may have updated our logo and equipment, the core principles that E.P. Gerber was committed to in 1901 continue to be our driving force today. No matter how things change, staying true to that heritage is what allows us to be a name people can trust.


At Gerber Lumber, we’re dedicated to honesty, integrity, and quality in all that we do. We’re proud to continue E.P. Gerber’s legacy, serving as the trusted name for contractors and DIYers alike.